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This preliminary page was prepared in celebration of the eightieth birthday

Philip Deijs

of Welland, Ontario, Canada.
(born November 14, 1918)
(just three days after the end of World War I )

It is apparent that we need to update our archive of
Deijs family photographs, so we invite your help to do so! Thanks!

The Family of Piet Deijs and Martha Deijs-Oostdam

Grandfather and Grandmother Deijs

Piet and Martha Deijs
with their two older sons
Philip and Lo
(before the birth of Ben)

Carolus Ludovicus Oostdam

Angela Oostdam-Lockefeer

Philip Deys

Lodewijk Deijs

Ben Deijs

Philip and Jel Deijs
with daughter Julie,
her son, Phil Carey,
and her husband, ... Herring
Welland, Ont., Nov. 1982

BLO fecit 16 XI 1998